About us  

Why Natural?


Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, men start to understand that they have been to negligent with nature. On one side we experience a rise of pollution in metropolis and country sides over the world due to toxic fumes, overuse of chemical fertilizers and insecticides, bad waste or water management; on the other side we witness a devaluation of nature. We consume marketed transformed products as we tend not to see what nature can offer us directly.

In Natural Living Concept we believe that nature should be protected and trusted, and we prove it. Our products are 100% natural, we require a full traceability with our suppliers and we commit to re-plantation and fair trade programs.


Why Living?


Since ancient time sleep is considered as a regeneration of both body and mind. Ancient Egyptian would worship Osiris when the night falls to come back as new at sunrise. Modern scientific studies tend to prove exactly the same. An 8 hours good night sleep is advised to start the day in the best condition.

In Natural Living Concept we believe that a flexible mattress will help to provide a good sleep and we prove it. Our mattresses adapt to your body sharp without preventing you from moving.


Why concept?


A concept is nothing more than an idea, perhaps a dream. Our dream is not only to propose natural mattress with all the benefits they have, but also to cut-off all the un-necessary expensive marketing additions to prevent the essential.

At Natural Living Concept, we believe that our mission is to propose quality environmental friendly products at a sustainable price, and we prove it. Please feel free to contact us to receive a quotation or distributor contact details.

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